We're building a systematic way for our token and others to drive new capital and trade by launching a on a vetted platform that will reach and engage with a trusted community.


When Kombocha gets a certain number of wallet users it will distribute new coins to the users on status that is achieved through tasks & rank. KOM is meant to be a community focused coin that will benefit all parties involved through the creation of LP (Liquidity Pools)and Farms. KOM is hoping to be the best Starter coins for new users and veterans.

Kombucha showcase

How it's made

we will be using MISO to create our coin so that we can be on the SushiSwap ex change. We will hope to use the custom token feature to allow us to create something awesome for the crypto community. After we launch we hope to get some grants from uniswap and sushiswap to continue building.

Technologies used