A sou-sou (su-su or susu) is an informal rotating savings club. where a group of people get together and contribute an equal amount of money into a fund weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The total pool, also known as a hand, is then paid to one member of the club on a previously agreed-on schedule. The pool rotates until each member of the sou-sou is paid a hand.

Lending Circle on Polygon showcase

How it's made

This project was made using the following technology: 1) Truffle - Smart Contract Development 2) Solidity - Smart Contract 3) - Backend ,Database, User Authentication, Cloud Functions 4) Polygon Mumbai - Network Smart Contract was deployed to 5) React- DAPP Development 6) Metamask - Crypto Wallet 7) Chainlink - Verifiable Random Function - The distribution of payment is determined by this. 8) USDC - USD Coin Stable coin - use as payment 9) Biconomy SDK. - Forwarding Interaction to Smart Contract

Technologies used