Li.Finance is a mesh of aggregated cross-chain liquidity networks and protocols to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX by making liquidity available when needed. For starters: „Think of LiFi as a 1inch for cross-chain liquidity networks (Connext, Harmony, Biconomy, UMA, Hop, Thorchain, Anyswap, Ren, RouterProtocol, etc..)“ Our Thesis * The Future is multi chain with Ethereum being the biggest player * Cross-chain bridging solutions will play a major role in future DeFi-Enablement and Layer 2 adoption * Aggregation will pave the way for mass adoption of layer 2 and the multi-chain environment we'll live in, benefitting the whole ecosystem. Problem The major problem is that users need to be able to move funds from chain A to chain B. No matter if they are different layer 1s or one of ETH's layer 2 scaling solutions. Turning to bridges, adding more friction to dapp adoption than necessary and overwhelmed community managers are the current status quo. We'll change that. Solution A data mesh of cross-chain liquidity sources: criss-chain liquidity networks, bridges, DEXes, bridges and lending protocols. We'll aggregate cross-chain liquidity networks like Connext, Hop, RouterProtocol, Thorchain, Chainflip, Anyswap, etc. to find the best possible cross-chain swap. On top of that, connect to all DEXes and DEX aggregators like 1inch and Paraswap on all chains to be able to to facilitate any-to-any swaps. All of that will be made available on an API/Contract level, as a dapp and as a dapp-widget for other developers to be plugged-in directly into their own products. No need for users to leave dapps anymore. Team Max and Philipp have been working together for over 8 years, spent 6 years bootstrapping and developed over 30 thirdparty integrations, a highly scalable web platform, APIs and cross-platform mobile apps. Philipp did business development in >14 countries and was frequently booked as speaker.

Li.Finance showcase

How it's made

For this prototype we've developed at EthGlobal, we're getting price information via theGraph and Covalent. We make use of Connext to move funds in form of stable-coins across chains and we talk to 1inch and Paraswap to find the best exchange rates in order to faciittate cross-chain any-2-any swaps with some very few clicks. Of course we've added ENS support.

Technologies used

1inchAaveArbitrumBiconomyCompoundConnextCovalentENSEthereumHardhatHarmonyInfuraLiquityMatchaMetaMaskOptimismParaSwapPolygonSolidityStarkWareThe GraphTruffleUMAUniswap