Our idea is based on the basic principle of decentralised brand building that can lead to meaningful connections and help build communities through blockchain and non-fungible tokens. We help creators engage with their fan base in a more personal and meaningful way that helps meet their goals and grow their brand, to truly find a niche in today's oversaturated markets. All this while also giving them an opportunity to give back to the community without compromising their freedom to spend their time in their own way and have it monetised in perpetuity, whether it is makeup tutorials or hydraulic press videos. What if an NFT could grant you access to your favourite personality? And what if you could also ask them to mentor you as you try to follow in their image? Well, those are the questions we are trying to answer. For Watchers - Exclusive access to your favorite creators and their memorabilia through a new way of investing in the people you believe in and showing your support to their community and growing along with it. The creator can enter a few details about their event and mint the idea on the platform which then uses rarible for minting. The benefit of using that rarible is you can specify the creator's equity such that a percentage of any subsequent sale is given back to the originator, with their own security in mind.

NFM showcase

How it's made

The Non fungible mentorship derives its building blocks from Rarible, Covalent and MetaMask. The front end was designed and created using AdobeXD and react while our back end is built o NodeJS. Covalent is being used to verify the balances of the address connected. We are using IPFS as a datastore for our marketplace while our complete platform is built on rarible protocol where we are minting, listing and creating NFT orders by creators.

Technologies used

CovalentIPFSMetaMaskRarible Protocolscaffold-eth