NFTicketize is app where users could create events, for that events create ticket categories with maximum tickets number, ticket price, royalty (how much percent for every resell for tickets in that ticket category will event creator get), while on the other hand, other users (non event creator) could buy tickets from event categories, where one ticket is one NFT, and after that, trade with that tickets on different ways. Main entity on this app is event. For event, users could provide next informations: - Event name - Event description - Event type - Location - Location address - Start time For every event, event owner could create unlimited ticket categories with next informations: - Category name - Description - Total number of tickets (for that ticket category) - Ticket price - Royalty (ressell fee) in percent, where maximum is 50% After creating event and event categories, some other user, could buy tickets (mint tokens, because, on this app, it's same - one ticket is one token). When user buy ticket, that ticket also appears on Rarible platform as NFT, where image for that NFT is generated image with informations - Event name, Ticket category name and Ticket ID. Also, when user buy ticket, he could do different actions with that ticket: * Set ticket for sell (set fixed price) - where when other user offer that price, automatically buys ticket * Cancel ticket from sell - pulls ticket from market * Set ticket for bid - other users could send offers for that ticket in exchange for WETH token or for other tickets. User who set ticket for bid, decides which offer would accept (or neither) * Cancel ticket for bid - pulls ticket from market For detail information about this app, with images which better describes app, you can go on github link for this project

NFTicketize showcase

How it's made

For this project, they are used technologies and tools from four different sponsors for this hackathon: - Rarible (Rarible Protocol) - The Graph (Subgraph project and query the graph) - Consensys (Metamask) - Protocol Labs (IPFS and Pinata) ***Rarible*** From this sponsor, I used API from , and also smart contract "NFTicketize.sol" is designed that support this API. Functions that I used: - Lazy mint (with all additions such as ipfs uri, royalties, etc) with generate ID, so ticket (NFT) could see from Rarible portal (with all informations). Also, for image, I generate picture with informations about event name, ticket category and ticket id, but in future, this could be some form of electronic ticket 19 - Create a sell order - Accepting order - Create a bid order - Prepare TX for order - Different types of GET call from API (getOrderByHash, getSellOrdersByItem, getSellOrdersByCollection, getBidsByItem, getItemsByCreator, getItemsByCollection...) ***The Graph*** For this sponsor, I create separate project NFTicketizeTheGraph to define subgraph. This project has three entities (Events, TicketCategories and Tickets), which I query in main project. In main project, all forms in some way (or in multiple ways) used graph queries. ***Consensys*** MetaMask is core of this application, so by changing account, the data and app design are automatically adjusted to the new account. Of atypical functions, they are integration in some basic way with Firebase Functions, so token authorization for Firebase depends from MetaMask address. From typical functions, it has been used different interactions with smart contract and signatures. Basic smart function call Function call with sent value (sending transactions) Signing data with "eth_signTypedData_v4" ***Protocol Labs*** For this sponsor, they are used two products: - "js-ipfs" as "decentralized database", where are stored additional informations about "Event", "Ticket Category" and "Ticket" - Pinata, whose role is integration with Rarible, so IPFS data such as NFT (ticket) image and NFT basic could display on Rarible portal. For this purpose, they are used next: Dynamically image generation that depends from token, and upload that image with pinFileToIPFS Upload additional informations about token with pinJSONToIPFS

Technologies used

InfuraIPFSMetaMaskRarible ProtocolSolidityThe GraphTruffle