NiftySubs is a Decentralized Video Streaming Platform where users get to watch premium content from their favorite creators. With a pay-as-you-use model, you can now watch your favorite creators at minimal cost only on NiftySubs. - Chat with your favorite creators and fans like you in a decentralized manner. - Creators can achieve goals and milestones with the help of their fans! - Use SuperChat to give your message priority. - Creators can do NFT giveaways to viewers! - Lastly, Creators can mint NFT from moments of the Livestream and share it with their fans!!! More Features coming soon...

NiftySubs showcase

How it's made

- This project uses SuperFluid CFA agreement and Unlock Protocol in conjunction to lock the content. - When a user wants to unlock content he/she can start a money stream which acts a subscription to unlock the content and start watching. - You can view the key being issued and revoked here -> - The live streams are created using Voodfy API. Voodfy API under the hood uses livepeer, IPFS, and Filecoin. - All the data of the platform is stored on OrbitDB which is based on IPFS. - The chatbox works using IPFS pubsub and libp2p. - There is a fundraising feature for raising funds by creator this is a custom solidity smart contract. - This fundraising widget was one of the bounties from polygon to create a fundraising widget that can be embedded on any site and our widget can also be embedded on the Livestream itself! - Funds from the fundraising contract can only be released if the fundraiser was a success otherwise the donator can claim it back. - This fundraising widget is completely independent and is compatible with any web2 site. - We also have Super chats where people can send incentivized messages to their favourite creators. - Because of time constraints we couldn't integrate rarible and chainlink vrf. We were going to use it for NFT giveaways by creators. - We use Infura RPC for listening to on-chain events. - Metamask is used as the wallet of the dapp. - USDC is the currency for the superfluid flow.

Technologies used