A new-generation AMM that provides a stable and secure price oracle, and offers the fairest token swap prices. We achieve this by doing the following: - Built-in arbitrage feature right into swap transaction - Split arbitrage profit between liquidity providers and traders - Impose a Limited Price Impact mechanism on the price oracle Benefits: - Liquidity providers get compensated for their impermanent loss risk through profit splitting from built-in arbitraging - Traders get compensated for price slippage through profit splitting from built-in arbitraging - Built-in arbitrage and limited price impact oracle provides oracle consumer with more accurate on-chain oracle price

NostraSwap showcase

How it's made

For our smart contract, we used hardhat as our development environment. We used Uniswap V2 through `@uniswap/lib` and `@uniswap/v2-core` js libraries to perform the built-in arbitrage. For our frontend, we use Typescript and Next.js. In addition, we used Jupyter Notebook for our initial simulation, python scripting for our backtesting.

Technologies used