NoTrust is an NFT lending protocol. It uses AAVE's aToken to bidding NFT art. And with aTokens, people can borrow money from AAVE lendingpool. NFT owners can put their art in this protocol and borrow money from AAVE's lending pool. And sorry, I didn't complete the whole project.

NoTrust showcase

How it's made

Contracts make NFT’s owner borrow money from AAVE's LendingPool. Users have aToken can deposit to wishpool or lend to NFT’s owner. Use AAVE’s IPriceOracle to calculate debt. Allow aToken's holders to get higher APY. Allow NFT's owners to use NFT as collateral to borrow money. Give users more opportunities to buy rare NFT.(e.g. CryptoPunks). We use AAVE's lendingpool and use users aToken to borrow money.

Technologies used