This is a block explorer meant to be run locally along with Erigon, a complete archive node that is able to sync the entire ETH1 history in less than 1 week and takes ~1.2 TB of SSD. It requires no additional middleware, queues, dbs, just Erigon and Otterscan. Since everything is local and Erigon's performance itself is blazingly fast, the UX is really amazing. And since it is opensource, there is room to improve it and add features that the centralized, closed source block explorers don't have. We finally have a laptop friendly block explorer for Ethereum.

Otterscan showcase

How it's made

Otterscan frontend: it is a simple React app, using ethers.js to communicate with the Erigon node. Tailwindcss is used to do the styling. I made some custom patches on top of Erigon itself, exposing some information directly from their db in the form of new jsonrpc methods under the _ots namespace. Erigon itself is a derivative of Geth, written in golang, so these custom patches are written in go also and requires their rpcdaemon to by recompiled.

Technologies used