Project: DotKittySkull DApp: OwnYou Description: DApp: OwnYou - your KEY to unlock VALUE, Own and Control PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for Person or Project who valued Privacy Idea: Use cases to unlock VALUE of the tech built in ecosystem, for users with shared-privacy-VALUES Design and build Dapp prototype for privacy (PII data Ownership and Control) and to speed non-crypto native mass-on-ramp OwnYou Prototype: OwnYou Presentation: OwnYou Demo Video: OwnYou YouTube Premiere: Check out project submission! Public URL: Made with <3 for global users sharing value: Privacy Built possible with, MetaMask,, IPFS, Filecoin, Polygon, Ceramic Inspired by $ETH, DeFi, DAO, Crypto Values, web3 Values, Brave Browser, BAT Token, Creator Economy NEW Tip features in Brave, GitHub, Reddit, Twitter, Mirror, etc. and Yes, AND, optimistic Research Sources: Textile Kraken Ethereum Polygon ConsenSys Filecoin MOCA Colony Hedera Lolli MetaMask Ceramic Carson F. Yohaan N. Matt K. Datareportal ETHGlobal Thank You Project: ENS.domain: spotkittyskull.eth _________________________________________________________________________________ #HackMoney2011 #ETHGlobal -June 21, 2021 Crypto Global DeFi DAO VC - Ally Capital Project Idea (E2E): Crypto Global digital Decentralized Autonomous Organization Venture Capital. During next 2 weeks, interested in creating a consumer prototype for mass on ramp of users (current non-crypto users) in the USA, as pilot, working with sponsors Polygon and ConsenSys (MetaMask). Vision is Global, long-term. Imagine with me collaborating with additional sponsors in future unlocking ecosystem value. Looking to form a team with Solidity Dev, web3 Dev and UI/UX Designer. This is my first hackathon, and working with Solidity, web3 and open-source development. Hence, hesitant to estimate, creating prototype to onboard new pools of capital - New Crypto Allies- investing in startup and other early ventures, namely, banks, family offices, credit funds customer facilitation vehicles in scope for next two weeks as five-hackers-team. Opportunity. The latter four potential allies, (banks, family offices, credit funds customer facilitation vehicles), potential possible as result of added 2020 exclusions from the definition of "Covered Funds, as defined in the Investment Company Act (ICA) of 1940, for the application of Section 3(c)(1) or 3(c)(7) given Final Volcker Rule (Volcker v.2 effective Oct 1, 2020. Volcker v.1, original rule, included 14 exclusions). What do I contribute to the team? Passion, curiosity, a utopian believer in human empathy and kindness, advocate of inclusion who will roll-up-sleeves, work hard and has Strategic Product Growth experience. I gathered knowledge while working in-house in Financial Services and providing advisory management consulting services for Alternative Investments clients, in addition, to TradFi. Vision: adoption of #Crypto #web3 #DeFi to onboard global pools of capital: current non-crypto users (consumers/retail) and the the four institutional, above mentioned, to a US Crypto Global DAO VC fund. In brief, re-engineered, re-designed, decentralized, capital raise sources and capital allocation deployment in Decentralized Crypto Global DAO VC governed flat, decentralized organizational structure. The community, each voice, making investment decisions, validating global network of CryptoDAOVC-nodes voting, staking, trading, lending with $token. Ideation, clearly. A roadmap with the, “Yes, AND”, from community. My motivation: the 5Fs, that is, to collaborate in helping create Freer and Fairer Finance with new like-minded Fun Friends. In my case, by fun I mean committed, resilient and seriously goofy. ;) Hint: Ally verb 1. combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit Yes & And <> Yes & And <> Yes & And <> Yes & And <> Yes & And <> Yes & And <> Yes & And <>

OwnYou by Alejandra M Salaverria showcase

How it's made

This is my first hackathon, first open source DeFi project, first time building as dev. Mac dev environment is still not working. DotKittySkull, project name change on week3, depicts the deep dive into research, learning about technology in the ecosystem, embracing the steep technical curve. In fact, it is first time I use Git, Github, Solidity, React, API web3.js, JavaSript/HTML, DApps UI. I am very grateful for the opportunity to skills on-ramp. I can only see myself as going forward, contributing, collaborating to the Community. I want to build something special, in Crypto, DeFi, DAO. Also, I love CryptoArt NFTs and giving back. To build, is to TEAM. Trading-off community and collaboration was a difficult decision. I am convinced I can add greater value to Community and Ecosystem after my deep down the rabbit whole delightful three weeks. For design and build: TechStach: MetaMask,, IPFS, Filecoin, Polygon, Ceramic, libp2p, Solidity Ethereum JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, web3.js Design: Notion, Figma, Mural, Canva, WIX Sources: Research & Inspiration Yes, AND Textile Kraken Ethereum Polygon ConsenSys Filecoin MOCA Colony Hedera Lolli MetaMask Ceramic Carson F. Yohaan N. Matt K. Datareportal ETHGlobal Thank You

Technologies used