Payquil can be used to create unique shareable payment request IDs. Let's say, a company wants to have a link with which their users can subscribe to their monthly internet plans. Using Payquil, they can create a payment request for say, $15 per month. They receive an ID upon creating this request, which their users can then enter into Payquil, to get the payment request detail loaded, and with minimal effort, they can pay using their Metamask wallet.

Payquil showcase

How it's made

I use React and Javascript to build the whole project. The user chooses between various options for currency, payment type (single or continuous) and for continuous streams, time duration in which the amount given is repeated for. The metadata is then sent to IPFS. The IPFS CID of this metadata is used as the unique payment ID. This ID can be then be used by another user to retrieve the metadata and pay. If the payment type was one-time, then I use ethers.js to send the given tokens through Metamask. If it is continuous, then I use Superfluid to start a flow to the other user.

Technologies used