Onboard new users to DeFi, and one of the reasons for it is gas, GSN allows the third parties to pay for the gas, but major protocols liveUniswap, save, etc. are not GSN compatible so it cannot be used directly. We came up with a very custom approach that each user will have an ERC725 proxy (smart contract) through which he/she can directly communicate with any protocol and proxy will be GSN compatible, this opens endless opportunities.

Repay Protocol showcase

How it's made

It is made using solidity and hardhat. Standards used are: - ERC2771 - ERC1271 - ERC725X - ERC165 We have used custom implementation of paymaster that will whitelist each deployed proxy as a sender and top protocols as a receiver (for e.g uniswap, save, curve, etc) We have used uniswap interface and created proxy implementation for all of them

Technologies used

ConsensysGas Station NetworkIPFSMetaMaskOpenGSNPolygonSolidityThe GraphUniswap