Make smart, interactive, social NFTs which can sing, shine and help you socialize!


Have you ever thought your NFT could sing and shine for you? Also, what if could message a friend's NFT? Smart NFT makes NFTs social and interactive with on-chain, off-chain integration. You can add actions to your NFT while minting it. Smart NFT allows you to watch activity feed to and from your NFTs. You can socialize with people around NFTs. That's why we call this an era of social and interactive NFTs with Smart NFT!

SmartNFT showcase

How it's made

Smart NFT comprises of 3 modules: Minter, Actions-Events-Manager and Anayltics. When minting, we use IPFS to store the metadata and additional "actions" which can be added to your NFT. They will be available then via the Actions-Events-Manager. We used Streamr to subscribe to messages, Infura for development on testnet and ChainLink to use oracles to connect off-chain data and many more as mentioned below. Development is done using Hardhat. We have deployed Smart NFT on Rinkeby testnet and you can find all contracts and code on github. As we first focused on data structures and backend we are now looking forward to develop the frontend and improve the middleware to allow everyone to mint and interact with NFTs in an easy and user-friedly way. The further we developed, the more excited we got as we are convinced that it will be something new people would love to use and interact with... including ourselves of course!

Technologies used

BitGoChainlinkConsensysCovalentIPFSOasis NetworkStreamrTellorUmbrellaUpshot