The SoundPulse pieces are uniquely generated audio-visual artworks which are immutably stored in the Ethereum Blockchain using ERC-721 tokens. Each piece is unique and is officially owned solely by one person. As a proof of concept, these tokens are minted using an ERC-721 contract that was depolyed to the Ropsten Test Net. SoundPulse generates pulsating circles dancing to our groovy music library. Every piece reveals a unique combination of vibrant colours and varying sizes that visually portrays the spectrum of one among ten NoCopyrightSounds songs.

SoundPulse showcase

How it's made

- The artwork is produced using a generative p5.js script - The script is stored immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain by adding the link of the .json file uploaded to IPFS as the _uid of the trasnaction that mints the token - Parameters of the artwork, specifically - the backing sound track; the colours and shapes of the elements depend on the hash of the transaction that mints the tokens - Once the transaction hash is inputted into the script, a unique art-piece is generated To start off with, we have minted 5 NFTs that generate 5 uniquely generated audio-visual pieces. This project is inspired by Artblocs and EulerBeats

Technologies used