Spline is currently a v0/proof-of-concept yield aggregator for L1 vaults and pools, such as Yearn vaults, on L2 (via Arbitrum). Users can deposit, withdraw, harvest, and accrue yield on their favorite L1 vaults and pools - without paying enormously high gas fees. Gas savings are already upwards of $300 worth of ETH per deposit. However, there is a tradeoff (which we can work through with something like Connext): moving liquidity between layers means much longer finality than L1-native transactions, especially when you're moving tokens from L2 back to L1. For a v1/v2, we want to become an L2 yield optimizer, with an open market for strategy creation. The protocol is currently not monetized, takes no performance fees, and has no token. However, we will take performance fees and issue a token (for governance and performance fee distribution) in our "v1" release.

Spline showcase

How it's made

We use Hardhat, TypeChain, and Vite for local testing and development. On the front-end, we use SvelteKit, and on the "back-end", we just have some Solidity contracts running on Arbitrum. Our UI is static and our whole system is IPFS-first. We took advantage of some of Arbitrum's built-in helper functions for simplifying moving tokens between layers.

Technologies used