SuperKarma is a decentralised autonomous non profit orginisation that is trying to revolutionise how the crypto community gives to causes that are close to all of our hearts. Today, we see a very poor adoption of crypto currencies in the non-profit sector, while adoption for receiving donations in the form of crypto currencies has seen an increase in the past few years. Most organisations will immediately sell their crypto for fiat. This is a problem. The potential for a greater yield to charities using the power of decentralised finance is being missed. This is were SuperKarma comes in, we want to create a decentralised community of givers-is givers best choice here-, where capital that is donated is immediately locked into the most advanced yield earning strategies that DeFi has to offer. 100% of the capital donated and the capital gained as yield will be available for charitable causes, with all donations made from the donations pool requiring a consensus from Governance.

SuperKarma showcase

How it's made

We created smart contracts that we call “Donation pools”, these are unique pools that represent a generic charitable cause. For example, in our demo we donate to the “Cancer Research Fund: Aave”. With the name of the generic donation pool and the strategy that is being used to earn yield for the pool. The donations will stay in this pool earning interest until a “proposal for donation” has been made by the community or a charity. This proposal will go to a vote and if successful the Donation Pool will withdraw the successful proposals donation amount from Aave and send it to the charitable cause that was voted for. This is how SuperKarma works in a nutshell. For the donations themselves we really wanted to utilise SuperFluid as our main donations platform, we found the technology really cool and interesting and it seemed a great fit for what we wanted to build. Our donation pools are “SuperApps”, a SuperApp is able to receive flows from SuperFluid and fire a callback with every flow coming in. We utilise this tech to automatically deposit the incoming token directly into Aave and also to stream governance tokens back to our donators! We used Aave V2Governance to create our voting strategy. Each donation pool has a unique ERC20 governance token assigned to it and we have created the generic SuperKarma token for general governance of the platform. When a donation pool has a “proposal for donation” the governance strategy will take your SuperKarma + the donation pools unique governance token as votes. This allows users who have been donating to specific donation pools to have more say over where their donations go!

Technologies used

AaveAave GovernanceSuperfluid