* You can copy your own NFT tokens ONLY!! 👏 (eventually for any NFT, this version only support CryptoKitties, will support OpenSea or others NFT marketplaces in the future) * The cost for copy a "Color" NFT is one xDAI or one COPY token. * You can transfer the copies of your NFT token as ETC1155 tokens even in batch. * You can use Superfluid dashboard to stream fDAIx to the copy machine for payment. * in the future, you can buy COPY tokens and upgrade to COPYx super tokens to pay for copying. * will use etherspot SDK for cross-networks copying in the future. * DApp is deployed to ipfs/ipns as well.

SuperXEROX showcase

How it's made

* Majorly use Superfluid protocol and SDK to implement the copy machine engine. * Use hardhat and remix to deploy and verify contracts. * test with (Pillar's) etherspot SDK, ethers, and web3-react integration. * study how to use react-spring for animation (incomplete). * preact + typescript + ethers.js development. * Thanks for superfluid and etherspot teams supports during the hackathon. * ipfs, vercel deployment. * steams tokens is COOL, I learned a lot from it.

Technologies used