*Problem* It's a pain to invest in DeFi. It's even more of a pain to move funds from one DeFi investment to another because of all the different - and often confusing - interfaces you have to use to get it done. All existing solutions to this (like "zaps") are either centralised or force people to use restrictive "smart accounts". *Solution* Tesser makes it incredibly simple to migrate investments: just select the DeFi investment (e.g. a yield farm) you want to move your funds from, and select where you want to move them to (e.g. another farm) - and in one transaction it's magically done! Tesser handles all the hard bits under the hood: unstake, withdraw, swap, deposit and finally stake in the new farm. *Why is this different?* Did you know that when you use some sites to "zap" investments from one protocol to another, you're actually using they're closed-source centralised back-end? Of course, if you want to use a decentralised tool, you can use something like a "smart account" to interact with protocols...but they lock you into their interface. You won't be able to go to a website and connect your wallet like you used to. Instead, Tesser is completely decentralized and doesn't lock users in. The main advantages are: - no single point of failure - Tesser is highly extendible: no need to wait for a core team to update their backend - anyone can integrate with Tesser immediately - complete freedom: Tesser is non-custodial, and doesn't use smart accounts. You can Tesser from Uniswap to Curve, and then just go and manage your funds on the Curve interface if you feel like it. We also have a super simple and intuitive interface to make it easy for anyone to Tesser their investments! *The team* 4/5 team members work for SimpleFi, a next-gen DeFi dashboard that automatically calculates your DeFi ROI, and generally makes DeFi more accessible to everyone. Tesser will become a core part of our platform, giving people a hassle-free way to manage their investments.

Tesser showcase

How it's made

Tesser is composed of two main parts: the controller, and protocol adaptors. The controller It is essentially the brains of the operation. For any given Tesser, it will search its connectors to find which protocol is involved, and what instructions to pass in order to invest into it, or withdraw from it. It also determines if any tokens need to be swapped once they've been withdrawn Adaptors The adaptors are specific to each protocol. They parse instructions sent by the controller into instructions that the protocol will understand.. Technologies used: - Chain: our hack is deployed on the Polygon mainnet, because with gas prices that cheap, it's easy to test in production. - DeFi protocols: For our prototype, we have integrated with Aave, Curve and StakeDAO. For swaps, our prototype uses QuickSwap. - Development environment: HardHat

Technologies used

AaveHardhatMetaMaskPolygonscaffold-ethSolidityStake DAO