Are you tired of the stress that comes along with timing a uniswap v3 pool exit? Me too. Stop limits don't exist in defi... yet. We are using a deployed smart contract to conditionally remove a v3 pool position based on token price. A chainlink keeper node is used to dynamically authorize this event once the user has set their stop limit on a web3 enabled dApp.

Uni V3 Pool Auto Exit showcase

How it's made

Solidity development with hardhat to develop a smart contract that interacts with uniswap v3. Dapp development with react, onboard, and, metamask. Keeper oracle functionality using chainlink keeper nodes User Flow: 1. user takes position on uniswap pool. 2. once user is satisfied with collected fees they access our dapp 3. Using our front end they select the desired exit price and authorize the eventual transaction 4. Dapp authorizes our smart contract to take ownership of the position and initializes the keeper process 5. Chainlink keeper node queries for token price, then when target is hit it authorizes the position collection. 6. Smart contract closes position and holds fees/tokens 7. user collects using dapp

Technologies used