We have created a bridge between Ethereum and Polygon which provides more options for the end user. **** The bridge currently only works with DAI *** - Our main work is on the BUS. The bus is a bridge you can take between Polygon and Ethereum. The Bus is the cheapest way to move funds because the bus only leaves once per day and we batch transaction together to save money on fees. The bus uses the permit function and a relayer to make the experience gasless and charge a fixed fee of 3 DAI to move any amount. We also have: - The JET bridge for when you want you want to instantly move funds (Powered by Biconomy) - The TAXI bridge (polygon bridge) for when you want to move funds at a moderate pace for a moderate price.

Unify Protocol showcase

How it's made

We have three products. --- THE BUS is our special sauce using a combination of: - ERC20 Permit Function - Relayers powered by OpenZeppelin Defender - Batch transactions on the polygon bridge To transfer tokens from Eth -> Polygon users sign a permit function. This permit function is given to our relayer which moves their tokens into our unify smart contract. This process is then repeated for all users in a 24 hr window. Once 24 hrs have past we trigger an AutoTask (Open Zeppelin) which talks to the relayer to move the money to polygon in one big bulk transaction. Bulking in this way saves 70% when 10 people combine their transactions together and will save even more if 100 or 1000 people batched their transactions together. Our JET bridge is powered by Biconomy Hyphen Bridge. We talk directly to Hyphen which has liquidity on both chains and is able to instantly provide users with their token on the other side.

Technologies used