Wolta is a yield optimizer on Polygon focused on providing a very good UX. It features things like automatic zap in/out when farming Sushiswap LP tokens and investments plans (eg. 1000 DAI/month) by leveraging Superfluid streams. Wola has an easy to use UI and provides users with a basic flow for earning yield on their tokens.

Wolta Finance showcase

How it's made

Wolta's contracts are inspired from Harvest Finance's vault and strategy contracts. For earning yield, Wolta uses Sushiswap (earn rewards by staking SLP tokens) and Aave (via simple lending and leveraged borrowing strategies). The zap in/out contracts are inspired from Beefy Finance's implementation. Superfluid streaming is custom built and can be plugged into any yield generating protocol (not necessarily Wolta).

Technologies used