WHACKD is a meme token by the late John Mcafee with a deflationary mechanism: 10% of each transfer is burned, and 1/1000 transactions is burned entirely. Wrapped WHACKD allows burn-free trading of WHACKD. Wrapped WHACKD also has a simple feature to rollback deposit/withdrawal execution in the event that the transaction would have been the unlucky burned transaction. 1. Call approve(wwhackd address, amount) on WHACKD to authorize WWHACKD to transfer WHACKD. 2. Call deposit(amount) on WWHACKD to wrap you whackd. 3. To redeem underlying WHACKD, call withdraw(amount). Next steps are to: 1. Complete the web3 frontend for wrapping and unwrapping WHACKD. 2. Create a liquidity pool on Uniswap. 3. Publicize. Speaking generally, this project was an exploration of wrapping tokens as a response to fee-on-transfer and other transfer related restrictions. This is of relevance to DEXs like Uniswap–the elimination of transfer related restrictions increases liquidity and could be a competitive advantage over other liquidity pools for the same underlying asset. For example, USDT could be wrapped, changing the risk profile of its blacklist functionality and facilitating continued USDT trade should pause() be called.

Wrapd Whackd showcase

How it's made

This was my first time writing and deploying a smart contract. The relatively straightforward smart contract is written in Solidity using the Remix IDE. I also gained some experience with Truffle. While I did not directly use any sponsor technology, wrapped tokens are of relevance to Uniswap

Technologies used