Xfolio Web is an Ethereum wallet of a new generation that natively supports Uniswap and Arbitrum. We aim to deliver superior DeFi experience to users of Chrome based browers. By natively supporting Uniswap data feeds and integrating Uniswap's sdk we make it even more convinient to trade on the DeFi's leading AMM. In combination with Arbitrum that ensures low gas fees and fast transactions when it comes to executing trades and swaps. Users can save the ERC-20 tokens of their choice to the watchlist that saves data into the device memory and allows to pull it up in a matter of a couple clicks.

Xfolio Web showcase

How it's made

React with Redux for frontend. React query and graphql-request for communicating with The Graph. ethers.js for wallet functionality and interacting with the blockchain. Alchemy API's to connect to the blockchain. simple-uniswap-sdk to integrate trading on Uniswap protocol. arb-ts to integrate bridge from ethereum to arbitrum networks.

Technologies used

ArbitrumThe GraphUniswap