Yin.Finance aims to facilitate the flow and use of liquidity with its best optimization within the current chaotic DeFi landscape. We have features like these: 1. Active Liquidity Management: Users could choose to subscribe from various CHI that are available through their personal Smart Vaults. 2. Automatic Re-Investment: In Uniswap v3, users need to manually collect fees to re- invest, YIN will automatically re-invest for you. 3. Multi-party Yield Farming: Managing liquidity in Yin will not only earn fees and Yin, but YIN will support Uniswap v3 liquidity mining cooperatives and audit their reliability to provide access for farming, allowing you to obtain multiple benefits. YIN have these modules: YIN: YIN is our native platform token. YANG: YANG is your personal NFT smart vault. All subsequent asset management actions and processes will be performed from your YANG smart vault, thus retaining custody of assets, and effectively ensuring funds security. CHI: CHI are Programmable Liquidity Smart Contracts, each exists as NFT. We can design the LP formula from which you can build upon. We will also provide audited external yield mining projects for you to access.

Yin Finance showcase

How it's made

Our Web frontend based on React + TailwindCSS+ web3.js. Our smart contract is based on Uniswap V3's pool APIs, we can skip NFTPostionManager and operate pool assets directly. We create Uniswap V3 Positions Manager by ourselves and make it configurable, so we can do the active liquidity management.

Technologies used