I am using the new sdk to integrate badger dao and being able to create babylon strategies that deposit/withdraw from badger SETT vaults. allow for the creation of investment clubs call gardens, where the most knoledgeable members create strategies that are voted by their members. By doing this babylon garden members split the fees, join their knowledge and get to earn handsome $BABL rewards in the process. has already plenty of integrations with other protocols like Curve, Convex, LDO, Uniswap and others. Most of them however in the ETH universe. My project will allow users to enjoy some yield building opportunities around wBTC, renBTC and others by integrating badger dao SETT vaults into the protocol.

Babylon Finance + Badger dao showcase

How it's made

In order to build this project I have used technologies from two of the sponsors of the event. and BadgerDAO. From BADGER I am using their registry and vault onchain APIs. The process of this babylon integration starts by listing the availble vaults in the badger registry to allow both listing them and double checking that we are adding capital to a real and working sett vault. I am also using badget sett vault api to allow my contracts to interact, deposit, withdraw, calculate share pricing of the vault, collect rewards, etc. The second part of the project uses custom integration sdk. For this part of the project I got familiar with Babylon strategies life-cycle and I defined the entry and exit data for the strategies, the tokens needed, pricing and of course the rewards that need to be collected. The project has been developed using hardhad and solidity. Tested with js, ethers.js and chai.