This strategy uses Badger strategy 1.5 Brownie mix template & builts on top of it. - BOO token staking in Spirit swap in Fantom network, - then receives xBOO token, - which is then staked to receive SD token, - which is harvested for more rewards. This strategy APR has two elements, BOO token staking rewards (auto componding, approx 34% while writing this) and XBOO token staking rewards in SD token (harvestable, approx 5% while writing this) Combined APR is approx 40%

Badger_Strategy showcase

How it's made

The submission is built on top of Badger vault 1.5 mix template. Yield farming strategy development has been made easy by Bader DAO vault 1.5 mix template. The Badger DAO team abstracted away a lot of technicalities, enabling the strategists to focus on the strategy development, which has benefitted a lot to me.