Bamboo is a social media network for retail investors, startup founders, developers, and technologist. In the end it will have the social components in 3 parts, 1) a wikipedia style encyclopedia, 2) real time twitter like chat app, and 3) an investment dao app. The idea is that many people would like to be angel investors but do not have access to pertinent data, this way the data is crowdsourced for investors.

Bamboo showcase

How it's made

I used React and Tailwind for the UI. Filecoin/IPFS is where our data is saved. Spheron was used to deploy the app from github. there are three pages to the app. 1) a social media page where users can interact with each other and message and talk about companies. 2) page for creating the investment pool, 3) page for company listings. I learned in this hackathon that as a one man team, i need to focus on one thing only and not try to "do it all" because i ended up not completing most of the ambitious project.