Baskteer is a project whose main goal is to make staking funds into crypto projects as simple and straightforward as possible. We make this possible by creating groups of interesting investments, which we call baskets - hence the name Baskteer. We have a smart contract layer that mints our own coin in return for cumulated stakes made in projects that comprise a particular basket. The minted BSKTR coin is then returned to the users wallet. When the user wishes to withdraw their funds they can do just that by selling their BSKTR coins using our app, while receiving the proceeds from their investments. To make this process as simple and accessible as possible we have built 3 client apps for iOS, Android and web.

Baskteer showcase

How it's made

We have 3 smart contracts in our web3 layer capable of selling, buying and calculating balance. Additionaly we use an ERC20 contract to mint a BSKTR coin. We are planning to use The Graph to discover packages worth investing in, unfortunately we did not manage to get those across during the hackathon. We will also want to transfer our contracts to the Polygon blockchain in the near future. From the front end perspective we utilised the Flutter framework to build the Android/iOS/Web applications.