BetSwirl is an online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where everyone will be able to enjoy a fair play, a fun time, and an innovative gamer experience. Our vision: - Decentralized: We're powered and partner with the most advanced technologies to create the most decentralized application with respect to your privacy, no censorship, and where reliability is treated as the highest priority - Legit: In our desire to be implemented for the long term, we have made every effort to obtain all the necessary legal autorisations. - Secure: Use the most secured tools in crypto space with all our contracts successfully audited. Immersive: We're focused on building immersive games to start building the future of gaming and social gambling on Metaverse.

BetSwirl showcase

How it's made

[From hackathon]- Chainlink Price Feeds for swap quotations, and Chainlink Keepers for automation. - EPNS to broadcast notification to referrers that receive a reward. [/From hackathon]- Deployed on Polygon and BNB Smart Chain leveraging Chainlink VRF v2. Looking forward to deploy on Avalanche. - Leveraging WebSocket RPC API from Chainstack to receive the bet resolution event from the smart-contracts. - Use TheGraph to store the details of the bets. - Deployed on IPFS using - Gnosis-Safe multi-sig for the treasury.d - The front end is built with VueJS. - The smart contracts development environment is using Hardhat.