This is a service for investors to buy cryptoassets through dollar-cost averaging. Investors allocate a specified amount of stablecoin to BTFDCA, which is then pooled together to buy cryptoassets every day, and redistributed to them in their contributed proportion! Because of the underlying technology used (Superfluid), investors don't need to stake the full required capital at once, allowing them instead to "top-up" their wallets as time passes. BTFDCA allows investors to frictionlessly storm though the volatile markets of crypto!

#BTFDCA showcase

How it's made

BTFDCA uses Superfluid's constant flow agreements to stream the stablecoins from the investors' wallets into our smart contract. It then uses Uniswap to acquire the assets, which are then returned back to the users through Superfluid's instant distribution agreements. BTFDCA is deployed on Polygon (Mumbai for now). We hope to be able to integrate with EPNS to send important notifications to our users, as well as Coinbase Wallet and Wallet Connect in order to support more users. Additionally, we'd like to not just redistribute the assets to our investors, but also reinvest them in different yield generating vaults, such as Yearn, Voltz, and others.