- originally thought of a DAO for carpooling. A CarpoolToken is associated with the DAO. CarPoolToken holders receive a fee on transaction for rides between drivers and passengers in exchange for holding and participating to the governance/maintainance of the carpooling ads platform - No DAO, put metadata (origin/destination/time) in a ERC 721 NFT, simplify to one passenger/no stop. Driver is the minter. Passenger buys the NFT serving a a transaction - No DAO, no NFT. Store the metadata off chain on a local postgres DB. The riders accounts are handled by unstoppable or SIWE. For transactions probably implementing as a composability service on superfluid, core of the technology - Finally none of the above by lack of time, just implemented the post / book of a ride. Authentication is done with SIWE (through a connection in auth0)

carpool app showcase

How it's made

We built the project splitting the frontend and the backend between 2 members. First we defined the technologies that we wanted to use, and we defined the list of views and endpoints needed to start working. What technologies did you use? We used react, materialUI, Backend built with expressauth0 in the frontend auth0 with siwe for authentication for the geocoding in france If you used sponsor technology how did it benefit your project? We assume that were going to use Superfluid to manage the booking system, and we tried to contact in many ways their team for support. After many tries we didn’t succeed to deploy their technology. The system was working locally, but not in production, so we run out of time.