CashCow.Quest is a seed stage Venture Capital protocol that aims to facilitate the asynchronous creation of predictable and liquid agreements for both ends of the deal. Moire text 10 min to go.... ok. So you want to build a business, you go and deploy an ERC20 that act as shares in your venture. You go to my website, go complete a form and you submit it with the amount of tokens you are willing to sell. You specify how much you want in exchange for those tokens as well as a vesting schedule and, also, a pitch deck. A venturing capitalist might just bite and pay DAI for your tokens... but the tokens stay in the contract, the contract creates a liquidity pool, and deposits the tokens there. You now have an lp pool for your business where you can exchange your projects tokens to fund operations. At the start of the vesting period, the investor can liquidate the pool, if you're a disappointment. But you are not, are you? If you're not, they can choose to pup your coin by swapping their liquidity to it and vesting it according to your proposed schedule. What a wonderful world! Also, forget.. the deal is an NFT.. and the rights to liquidate or vest go with it... therefore it is likely to bear value, it can be sold, transfered or maybe used as collateral... or just listed on the secondary seed stage funded ideas market. Cool ain't it? showcase

How it's made

Used covalent to pull the IDs of minted deals. (ERC721) Used WalletConnect as a client connectivity solution. Deployed CashCow main contract to polygon mumbai and arbitrum rinkeby. I am not sure if the frontent is going to work, I'm not good nor do I enjoy javascripting, but the protocol is in all likelihood solid. I mean c'mon this is a smart contract that can probably replace 90% of venturing capitalists... maybe.