CazzPay is a crypto off-ramping platform, allowing businesses that want to try the crypto space to accept payments WITHOUT having to manage the hassle of converting the cryptocurrencies into acceptable fiat ones! A seller would just share their generated QR code to their customers, who would then scan it to arrive on the payment page. Payment would be made in crypto, and the seller would get it in fiat, converted! CazzPay handles this conversion.

CazzPay showcase

How it's made

This project uses Uniswap V2's AMM to act as a blackbox to sellers who just wanna see crypto go in and fiat coming out to them from the other end. Since fiat cannot be used as a liquidity pair, we released a fiat backed stable-coin, $CZP, that is then used to provide liquidity in lieu of fiat. It is that fiat which is used to pay out to sellers. Equivalent $CZP is burnt, ensuring it stays pegged correctly. Liquidity providers earn from the swapping fees. For price feeds, we used Redstone Finance's feeds, that support meta transactions. For the users' wallet, we enabled connecting wallet through Metamask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet. To store data, we are firing indexable events from our smart contract, that we then fetch from The Graph.