Clubry is a collective investment scheme, where users come together to Co-invest. The idea behind Clubry is to help people make wiser decisions with their investments. Another unique feature of clubry is that users can borrow from the club either from vault or crowdfunding. Members of each club can also decide to sell their stakes to other members of the club. The percentage of each stake will be calculated using Coovalent and the initial stake a user has in the club.

Clubry showcase

How it's made

This project, after ideation, started with the creation of UI design while the design architecture for the smart contract was being deliberated. When building Clubry, we used Next/Solidity/Hardhat. These tools alongside the technologies (Covalent, WalletConenect, ...) aided in building a platform that gives room for the formation of clubs that is passionate of building their members through stake ownership and sales. The hacky attempt here is to integrate a Factory contract to assist in creating a child contract that a club is recognized to. It’s important to add that the ideation and achievements of Clubry within the space of the Hackathon impresses me; a platform geared to resuscitate union and investment.