The the aim of this project is to build an NFT marketplace where users can mint their NFTs, sell them and use the liquidity to invest in high yield positions. The payout will be based on the pool value instead of the NFT buy-in-price. In detail the NFT marketplace will: 1. Allow users to mint their NFTs. 2. Have a multi-wallet login feature. 3. Have a page to submit the wallet address. 4. Create and observe few recipes which are generating returns. 5. Create a money-stream to all submitted addresses for automatic payout. 6. Create automated investment flows . 7. Create a dashboard to check returns.


How it's made

Create ART + scan /create pictures - 1000 + edit with KI-Filters + colour Variations x10 = 10K + create Json with Name/Nr/Ability Build NFT Marketplace & DEX + built on top of Moralis API layer with Truffle, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React Fiat Ramp + using Transak Multiwallet & Multichain + using Walletconnect and Moralis Contracts & Routes/Receipts + Dashboard - Moneystreams Dao Path Multisig internal