CrypChip is a dapp based on the workings of the mobile application called "Splitwise". CryChip was ideated as a money management tool for users who prefer using cryptocurrency as opposed to FIAT Money. This dapp is used to log their expenses, Split bills with other users and Settle up debts all using just their desired crypto payment wallets.

CrypChip showcase

How it's made

We build an app to split expenses between friends/strangers(because it's web3, so why not 🤷🏻‍♀️). For our proof of concept, we have used Solidity contracts that are used to create groups, expenses and settle up using the native currency. We used Next.JS for front end and the wallet integrations. We have integrated the Metamask Wallet, Coinbase wallet and wallet connect for user to sign in using whichever wallet they would like. The Chainlink Keepers are used to monitor the settlements associated with the dapp. We had planned to integrate EPNS for Notifications but couldn't due to the time crunch. Our contracts are deployed on Kovan, Goerli, Nervos L2 and Polygon's Mumbai Testnet. We also plan to integrate L2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism onto our Dapp. Our Dapp's full recording can be found here: