This project combines a decentralized take on web2 payments mechanisms, except creates an ownable dashboard for companies to turn their memberships and subscriptions into web3 decentralized streams. The overall goal is to increase transparency and authentication of subscriptions, but in a completely ownable way, unlike current web2 providers where you don't really "own" what you purchase or subscribe to. The other main benefit of a system like this is to create subscriptions and payments via a single wallet, as opposed to countless email/password combinations that are easy to forget and not remember.

DecentraStreams showcase

How it's made

This project uses Superfluid's payment streams mechanism behind the scenes to allow a web3 wallet to log into a dapp that allows them to create payments, manage their subscriptions/memberships, and further decentralize their payments in the web3 ownable economy. It leverages Moralis in the back-end with a server and API hooks to connect to the blockchain and Solidity for the smart contracts deployed on the Rinkeby testnet. The site is further deployed using Netlify for hosting with a CI/CD pipeline from GitHub.