This project lets users mint IRL small businesses as NFTs and set them to create products or services and offer them on decentralized commerce as ERC 721 tokens. 90% of the income for products or service sales is deposited to the business owner while 10% is deposited into a vault to generate income from de-fi protocols. Punk Cities players will be able to verify Deco business to get Energy and Chips as rewards and use them to buy products or services on Deco and Deco owners will be able to exchange their energy and chips for ERC20 tokens.

Deco showcase

How it's made

This project is built on a nuxt.js app with vue and tailwind, we used the ERC721 standard for the business and service NFT contracts, along with the solidity vault contract, and we have integrated ethers.js, wallet connect, and coinbase wallet, IPFS for pinning logo and products images and covalent for the deco dashboard.