Defi Molecules is a dApp that allows the user to mint a discretionary financial strategy in a ERC721 token. Quick demo: The minting of discretionary strategies works by depositing/purchasing ERC-20s of various DEFI protocols and depositing them inside the ERC-721. This allows for any investment asset to be created (Bonds, Index funds, Delta-Neutral Strategies) with any desired risk profile. Combining different ERC-20s in one NFT allows for abstraction of all DEFI interactions with various protocols opening adoption for compliant funds to invest in DEFI.

DEFI molecules  showcase

How it's made

Forked charged particles smart contracts. Created new smart wallets to allow deposits of erc4626 and babylon finance tokens. Used python to create data visualization of various combinations of ERC20s. Deployed on Polygon Mumbai testnet. created various data sources to do python analysis.