This strategy will stake GMX on Arbitrum to earn. GMX is the decentralized exchange platform running on Arbitrum.The rewards from GMX are ESGMX and WETH. Because ESGMX cannot be transferred, so after achieving the rewards, this strategy will vest ESGMX in Vester to exchange ESGMX to GMX. There is the third reward BNGMX. After claiming, this reward can be exchanged to WETH. WETH will be swapped to GMX by ETH/GMX Uniswap V3 Pool on Arbitrum. This strategy is developed on badger-vaults-mix-v1.5 template.

Defi-Strategy showcase

How it's made

The strategy is based on badger strategy template. I use tools such as brownie, python. GMX is the decentralized exchange platform running on Arbitrum. The rewards from GMX are relatively high and claimable. So I write this strategy to realize it. I have deep understanding in badger strategy, and some notable DEFI protocols and codes, such as GMX and UniswapV3.