ETF stands for Ethereum Traded Funds. The problem is that investors are struggling a lot in the cryptocurrency market. Due to high leverage and margin calls, many investors are experiencing market failure. Therefore, our solution is to create and provide an index fund based on pure Ethereum. In doing so, it provides an opportunity to invest in the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

ETF showcase

How it's made

ETFs are created by the integration of various technologies. It is operated as an Ethereum-based smart contract. Create a user-friendly user interface with Figma. Specifically, ETF index funds are calculated using the geometric mean formula. Trading algorithm, serverless development, and DAO organization operation are future plans. Ethereum smart contract - Wallet connet, Deposit, Withdraw Figma design - UX/UI Geometric mean Formula - Index fund calculation AI Trading algorithm (Dex, Swap,…) - Quant algorithm AWS Amplify - Serverless development DAO investment - Operation