We want to give the ability of the end user to be able to take opportunities in lower interest rates in their borrowing position if the opportunity arrives. Having the ability to change positions without having to bring the liquidity back to pay the loan is a service that we think many would like to take advantage of on sidechains where these tools are not available using AaveV3 and UniswapV3 with the most liquidity.

FlashSwap showcase

How it's made

The contract is built using libraries from Aave and Uniswap to implement the flashloans and swap positions repaying the loan and borrowing the new position token and using the swap function of uniswap to allow you to repay the flashloan in the original token. In aave, we are utilizing the FlashLoanRecieverBase and IPoolLibrary, IPoolAddressProvider for utilizing the flashloan. Uniswap ISwapRouter is used to swap the newly borrowed asset back to the original token. The front end uses the wagmi framework (via Rainbow Kit) with next.js to be able to support injected wallets, wallet connect and coinbase wallet.