Indexify is a vehicle to make investing in crypto markets easier to through investment funds. Also it gives fund managers the possibility to create investment funds on chain using available tokens.As an investor, you can select a fund with a token composition you like, Invest and get an ERC20 token representing your investment and take profit by either selling the fund token or redeeming the collateral. As a manager you can create an investment fund, select the token distribution and composition and earn a percentage of each investment made.

indexify showcase

How it's made

The project uses Uniswap V3, both its router and its subgraph to get the available pools from where the funds will buy the collateral. Contract development and testing was done using the hardhat framework. Used openzeppelin contracts to make the fund factory and the fund tokens upgradeable, and deployed everything to the polygon mainnet. The UI uses create react app + useDapp library to interact with the smart contracts.