We help adventurers to start and build their future by learning and completing quests. We do it with a simple interface so the users always know what to do. Project creators will be able to create their own quests in the dapp to learn about their protocols or dapps. The users or adventurers can follow a series of quests like a game where at completion the adventurer is rewarded with badge, experiences to rank higher in the leaderboard and learn something new.

Infini3 showcase

How it's made

We used chakra, nextjs, wagmi, transak, covalent, rainbowwallet for the frontend. hardhat, uniswap, solidity for the smart contracts. We built a dapp to onboard smoothly web2 users to web3. Transak allows the users to convert fiat to crypto without hassle. covalent provides simple API to fetch the NFT reward metadata.