This project ensures a system in that creators can create Initial NFT Offerings (INO) on-chain and decentralized. But at the moment there are not enough INOs and they are centralized. INOs are required because at the moment creator starts with a huge amount of NFT supply. And this gets people hesitate to buy that NFT because the owner has huge amounts and the buyer's NFT will be worthless because of that. Worldcoin's Proof of Personhood protocol solves Sybil attack problem and ensures that fair and on-chain INOs can be implemented.

Initial Personhood NFT Offering  showcase

How it's made

We used Worldcoin for establishing that every participant can only participate an INO only one time. We deployed our contract to Polygon. For giveaway system we haven't used any for loops. It is completely mathematical and winners are determined according to their nonces. We used Chainlink VRF randomness.