Inveth is a beginner friendly crypto investing Dapp that aims to make the world of crypto investing as easy as possible, by providing diversified portfolio options according to the user's risk tolerance and expectations. During new user onboarding, we ask a few questions to identify their familiarity with crypto, risk tolerance, ROI expectations and more. Then we present appropriate portfolio packages according to the user's profile. Thus, a crypto newcomer does not have to feel lost in the amount of choice of coins / tokens to invest in and does not need to spend time studying each choice separately; We take all that away by categorizing each investment option supported according to the historical performance and risk / diversification. Currently we support Babylon gardens but we are planning to expand to protocols such as Yearn. Apart from portfolio management, a user can monitor their existing assets and see how they've been performing and explore different ways to allocate them through Inveth.

Inveth showcase

How it's made

We used React.js for the frontend and web3-react for the integration with the Ethereum network through various providers (Metamask, Coinbase wallet, WalletConnect). We depend on on-chain data but also on Etherscan, Coingecko and Ethplorer APIs for position monitoring and historical performance. We integrated with Babylon.Finance gardens to leverage their garden technology in order to use them as vaults. In order to test and demo deposits to gardens, we used HardHat to fork the Ethereum mainnet locally and to make large deposits to various gardens. Additionally, we used for publishing public user data such as portfolio preferences and asset choices to allow for users to work with each other, if given consent. We also deploy our frontend to IPFS through We solve a definite problem that many new crypto investors face and there's clear market for it.