This project is a protocol that allows users to simply diversify their Ethereum Staking across several of the largest staking liquidity pools. Diversification decreases a user's exposure to slashing penalties and depegging risk that can occur on an individual liquidity pool. A user will send Ethereum to our contract address, and in return they will receive the LavaETH token. They can easily unstake by sending their LavaETH back to the same contract address in exchange for their ETH plus whatever staking interest they earned.

Lava Pool showcase

How it's made

This project is built using the Uniswap liquidity pool APIs on the backend to perform swaps of Eth and wETH for the liquidity pool tokens (rETH, stETH, sETH, aETHc). The smart contracts were deployed using Truffle and OpenZeppelin. The frontend is a static website hosted in S3 on AWS. Since we could not find live API with data about the staking yields for these liquidity pool tokens we had to make our own by scraping each of their websites for their current rates (can be seen here: