This project is a POC for the general Proof of time protocol we are busy developing.This protocol will allow existing projects to autonomously airdrop their assets (ERC20 tokens and other token standards in the future) to participants in specifically Twitter spaces. It also consists of the a few steps of verification including a unique NFT and a scan of an account of twitter accounts that stops some basic forms of attached and malicious use. Our POC consists of a Mint page and User dashboard with existing Leap assets and published code contributing the to twitter bot created for this hack. The future developments of this protocol will be added to the Leap community and network to finish building out the full functionality of this protocol and others to come.

Leap: Proof of Time Protocol showcase

How it's made

To start this project we used Wallet connect to connect the user to the site so that we can scan their wallet for previous interactions or NFTs. If the scan comes up with nothing, the user will be able to see an empty dashboard. So the first thing to do will be to connect socials to our local database to be used in the twitter bot. This info is saved in a json file, then the server checks this file for the name and it takes that wallet address to send to the smart contact as the user identification/destination for airdrop. This bot written in python, collects data about the twitter space, sends it using HTTPS requests to a node server, then validates and lastly sends the parsed data to the smart contract on Polygon Mumbai. Then we plan to have the smart contracts autonomously send the asset to the destination wallet. After that the user can see this data on the dashboard and at strategic intervals can access those assets as rewards in the form of LEAP tokens.