The renting system as we know currently is not possible with the standard ERC721 NFT since there is no way to currently give it out to another person and expect them to give it back. This is the reason , we have bought in a new concept of wrapped NFT's. This allows for NFTs to split the rights from just the owner to owner and user. The user in this case will be getting the usage access of the NFT. This allows for marketplaces and concept of short term leasing to come into the picture for projects. THis marketplace is one of the concepts we are showcasing on how a new single renting marketplace will look like. As for the technologies , we are using Frontend - NextJs, react, web3Modal and redux for state management. Backend - Graph for indexing the smart contracts, and solidity for the smart contracts.

Metaleap showcase

How it's made

The designs have been made using Figma which can be seen here - We have used nextjs on the front end to make the ui along with bootstrap. For the backend we have used the graph and solidity for smart contracts.