Mira is an alternative savings application that allows users to earn yield on their USDC which is shared with ESG focused web3 projects. The MiraDAO will create Impact Funds, which are funding pools that distribute funds to a select group of projects in the spaces of climate, biotech, social impact and more. We fund these projects by purchasing the project's digital asset that drives their impact, this may be DAO tokens or NFTs. MiraDAO will continue to collect these assets through each and every funding period, and provide liquidity to the projects we support. By providing liquidity to these projects using their tokens, we wish to farm even more tokens and hold these tokens in our treasury, rather than selling them for USDC or ETH. This way we can support ESG focused projects further by being a responsible LP, instead of farming and dumping, hurting the project's token price. Additionally, by collecting ESG focused digital assets in our treasury, Mira can become a form of web3 ESG index fund. Treasury assets will be governed by the MiraDAO through our governance token, MIRA.

MiraDAO showcase

How it's made

We are using chainlink keepers to destribute fees generated by the protocol Line 267 Line 273 Aave is used to generate interest for the protocol funds are deposited in Aave Line 138 Line 45 Withdrawal of funds on behalf of the user Polygon Network All smart contracts are deployed on the polygon nextwork Mira 0x1187a6CD89bE874Da19097172b4f6188Cb105bB3 MiraUSDC 0x8acB946047BeB9E244635FFeA9a3540aefA4a63C USDC - used by AAVEE 0x9aa7fEc87CA69695Dd1f879567CcF49F3ba417E2 MiraDao 0x238e36299776F6a8D28Cc51EfC0371806eeA5696 Uniswap Liquidity Pool USDC-MIRA Uniswap Exchange to allow users to swap tokens Line 42